Private Meet

Im available WeekDays from 9am till 7pm.

I ask you to give at least 24/48 hours up to 1 week notice. I might be available for short time notice meetings but thats very rare, espcially when Im on tour. 

To avoid disappointment, ring in at least 24 hours before hand to find out if your prefered slot is available. ( I wont answer private, landline or withheld numbers!) If I havent met you yet, please ring instead of sending text messages!

Every 2nd weekend, I have availabliliies on Saturday from 9am till 2pm. These days will be listed on the "Touring" page.

Webcam sessions

I do offer webcam sessions WeekDays from 8pm-11pm. 

Please have a look at my "WebCam session" page for more details.

Payments have to be done thru either Adultwork or PayPal!

Please dont waist my time by asking for a free 5 mins session because its your "birthday". I might be blond but not that stupid! 

I demand a deposit before each webcam session to make sure that neither of us wont get dissapointed.